The mission of the Friends of Colt Creek State Park is to enhance the use and enjoyment of Colt Creek State Park for the people of Florida and our visitors.

In Order to Fulfill Our Mission, the Friends:

  • Promote the preservation, use & enhancement of the Colt Creek State Park through promotion, special events, tours, market research & joint partnerships with other organizations
  • Assist in the research, funding and implementation of recreational enhancements to the park that are aligned with proper environmental resource management and wildlife habitat preservation.
  • Sponsor the publication and sale of literature and educational and promotional material on the Colt Creek State Park.
  • Sponsor research and data-gathering projects to support the resource and recreation management needs of Colt Creek State Park.
  • Provide support and recognition programs for the volunteers of the Colt Creek State Park.
    Develop a park endowment fund for special resource management, historic preservation and park development needs.
  • Receive and hold donations of lands, leases and easements for park needs.


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