Pavilions and Gazebo

The Park contains 4 pavilions and a gazebo. Three pavilions (Great Blue Heron, Monarch, and White Ibis) and the gazebo can be reserved up to 11 months in advance on a first-come, first-served basis. You may call the Park (863-815-6761) or make your reservation in person.

When not reserved, the pavilions are open for all to use.

The Great Blue Heron Pavilion is the largest, containing 18 picnic tables (2 of which are ADA compliant) which can accommodate 4 to 6 people per table. It is screened and has water, electric, fans, and restrooms.

The Gazebo, set between Lake Mac and the Great Blue Heron Pavilion, has been the site of many wedding ceremonies–even those including horses!

The Monarch Pavilion is located in the Middle Lake day use area, between Little Lake and Middle Lake. It is open and has no electricity. It is near the butterfly garden and has restrooms, a grill, and a water fountain.

The White Ibis Pavilion is on the west side of Mac Lake and just a short walk from the Great Blue Heron Pavilion. It contains 6 picnic tables and has a grill. Parking, bathrooms and water are by the Great Blue Heron Pavilion.

The Limpkin Pavilion is the only one that cannot be reserved. It is also along the west side of Mac Lake, a bit further beyond the White Ibis Pavilion. It has 6 picnic tables and a grill; parking, water and bathrooms are at the Great Blue Heron Pavilion.